You feel stuck. You know, deep inside, that you were made for more. And you aren’t willing to give up. But you have no idea where to start…

Taking the first step

Our Total Impact Courses and coaching support helped Tristen with the gentle push she needed after losing all motivation.

“You and your program are nurturing HOPE, which I haven't felt for a very long time.”

Kristy acknowledged an immense improvement in her own self esteem as she worked through the course.

“I didn’t realize how small my goals were until I understood how big I am. You helped me believe in myself!”

Commit to Growth

These are real stories from real participants, who, like you, felt stuck and yearned for something different. They took the first step and experienced the course. And if you decide to join us, we will guide you through the entire system with the following: 

The Impact Bedrock Course
6 weeks of focused instruction to optimize your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul ($197 value)

The “Six-Week Intro to Mastery” (#SWIM) Challenge
42 days of simple Disciplines and inspiration, concurrent with Impact Bedrock ($47 value)

The Impact Unchained course
6 weeks of deep self-discovery and clarity planning on goals that genuinely, finally fulfill you ($697 value)

Personal Online Test
Your personal Online Strengths Finder Test ($47 value)

A 1-hour private coaching call with Rob DuBois, Navy SEAL and Founder of Impact Actual ($500 value)

12, 20-minute weekly Accountability Coaching Calls (ACC) with your personal Impact Coach ($720 value)

Discount option for 3 months of follow-up weekly hour-long Impact Coaching Calls (ICC) with your Impact Coach ($450 value)

Life membership in our private “High Impact Tribe” (HIT) online community ($360/year value)

Bi-monthly group calls, hosted by Rob and the Leadership team, teaching key Impact Principles and answering all your questions (Priceless)

Choose Your Change

For just a moment, imagine the possibility that you can discover a perfect path for yourself, live a healthy and balanced life, do work that makes you want to jump out of bed (not a window) on Monday morning, and be in a loving relationship with others…and yourself.

YOU have the dream to create the life you deserve.

WE have the support, tools, and community to make it happen - much quicker than you probably imagine.


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